Olympic medalists of the modern Summer Olympic Games 1896-2016

South Korea

Summary statistics
Total medals for South Korea: 553
No. of medalists: 454
No. of sports: 20
Total GOLD medals: 171
Total SILVER medals: 207
Total BRONZE medals: 175
 Gold  171 / 553 
 Silver  207 / 553 
 Bronze  175 / 553 

Count of medals by sport
 Sport  Medals count Share (%)
 1)  Handball  96 
 2)  Archery  69 
 3)  Hockey  48 
 4)  Baseball  48 
 5)  Judo  43 
 6)  Wrestling  36 
 7)  Badminton  35 
 8)  Table Tennis  33 
 9)  Boxing  20 
 10)  Fencing  20 
 11)  Taekwondo  19 
 12)  Football  18 
 13)  Shooting  16 
 14)  Volleyball  12 
 15)  Weightlifting  12 
 16)  Basketball  12 
 17)  Gymnastics  9 
 18)  Aquatics  4 
 19)  Athletics  2 
 20)  Golf  1 

 Sport  Count Share (%)
 1)  Archery  49 
 2)  Handball  25 
 3)  Baseball  24 
 4)  Taekwondo  12 
 5)  Wrestling  11 
 6)  Badminton  11 
 7)  Judo  11 
 8)  Fencing  7 
 9)  Shooting  7 
 10)  Table Tennis  4 
 11)  Weightlifting  3 
 12)  Boxing  3 
 13)  Aquatics  1 
 14)  Athletics  1 
 15)  Gymnastics  1 
 16)  Golf  1 
 Sport  Count Share (%)
 1)  Handball  57 
 2)  Hockey  48 
 3)  Judo  16 
 4)  Badminton  12 
 5)  Basketball  12 
 6)  Wrestling  11 
 7)  Archery  11 
 8)  Shooting  8 
 9)  Boxing  7 
 10)  Table Tennis  6 
 11)  Fencing  5 
 12)  Gymnastics  4 
 13)  Weightlifting  4 
 14)  Aquatics  3 
 15)  Taekwondo  2 
 16)  Athletics  1 
 Sport  Count Share (%)
 1)  Baseball  24 
 2)  Table Tennis  23 
 3)  Football  18 
 4)  Judo  16 
 5)  Wrestling  14 
 6)  Handball  14 
 7)  Badminton  12 
 8)  Volleyball  12 
 9)  Boxing  10 
 10)  Archery  9 
 11)  Fencing  8 
 12)  Taekwondo  5 
 13)  Weightlifting  5 
 14)  Gymnastics  4 
 15)  Shooting  1 

Medalists ordered by medals count
ยป show all medalists from South Korea (individual records)

 namecountrymedals countsport
1KIM Soo-NyungSouth Korea6Archery
2PARK Sung-HyunSouth Korea4Archery
3BO-BAE KiSouth Korea4Archery
4OH SeongokSouth Korea4Handball
5YOO Nam-KyuSouth Korea4Table Tennis
6JONG-OH JinSouth Korea3Shooting
7JIN JongohSouth Korea3Shooting
8KIM Dong MoonSouth Korea3Badminton
9LIM O KyeongSouth Korea3Handball
10OH Kyo-MoonSouth Korea3Archery
11YUN Mi-JinSouth Korea3Archery
12JANG Yong-HoSouth Korea3Archery
13HONG Jeong-HoSouth Korea3Handball
14PARK Jang-SoonSouth Korea3Wrestling
15HUH SoonyoungSouth Korea3Handball
16OH Yong RanSouth Korea3Handball
17GIL Young-AhSouth Korea3Badminton
18HYUN Jung HwaSouth Korea3Table Tennis
19SUNG Kyung-HwaSouth Korea2Handball
20CHO Min-SunSouth Korea2Judo
21YUN Ok-HeeSouth Korea2Archery
22DAE-HOON LeeSouth Korea2Taekwondo
23YUN Young-SookSouth Korea2Archery
24PARK JinmanSouth Korea2Baseball
25LEE Joo HyungSouth Korea2Gymnastics
26KIM Choon-RyeSouth Korea2Handball
27HWANG Kyung SunSouth Korea2Taekwondo
28MOON Eui JaeSouth Korea2Wrestling
29SIM Kwon-HoSouth Korea2Wrestling
30LEE Seung BaeSouth Korea2Boxing
31LEE HyojungSouth Korea2Badminton
32KIM Sung-JipSouth Korea2Weightlifting
33CHUN Byung-KwanSouth Korea2Weightlifting
34LEE Bo NaSouth Korea2Shooting
35KIM Kyung-SoonSouth Korea2Handball
36CHO In-ChulSouth Korea2Judo
37JONG-HYUN KimSouth Korea2Shooting
38HA Tae-KwonSouth Korea2Badminton
39HYEON-WOO KimSouth Korea2Wrestling
40WANG Hee-KyungSouth Korea2Archery
41JIN-HYEK OhSouth Korea2Archery
42KIM Mi-SookSouth Korea2Handball
43KIM Jae-YupSouth Korea2Judo
44KIM Kyung-WookSouth Korea2Archery
45CHANG Eun-JungSouth Korea2Hockey
46KIM Nam-SoonSouth Korea2Archery
47BON-CHAN KuSouth Korea2Archery
48MOON Hyang-JaSouth Korea2Handball
49KIM Taek SooSouth Korea2Table Tennis
50CHO Yong-ChulSouth Korea2Judo
51RA Kyung-MinSouth Korea2Badminton
52TAE-HWAN ParkSouth Korea2Aquatics
53LEE Sung JinSouth Korea2Archery
54RYU SeungminSouth Korea2Table Tennis
55LEE Chul SeungSouth Korea2Table Tennis
56LEE KyungwonSouth Korea2Badminton
57BANG Soo-HyunSouth Korea2Badminton
58LEE Sang-EunSouth Korea2Handball
59KIM KyungahSouth Korea2Table Tennis
60CHO Youn-JeongSouth Korea2Archery
61PARK TaehwanSouth Korea2Aquatics
62RYU Ji-HyeSouth Korea2Table Tennis
63YOO Yong-SungSouth Korea2Badminton
64HYE-JIN ChangSouth Korea2Archery
65PARK Jeong-LimSouth Korea2Handball
66SON Mi-HaSouth Korea2Handball
67JUNG Sung-SookSouth Korea2Judo
68LEE Eun KyungSouth Korea2Archery
69PARK Kyung-MoSouth Korea2Archery
70JANG Jae-SungSouth Korea2Wrestling
71LEE Dong SooSouth Korea2Badminton
72PARK Joo-BongSouth Korea2Badminton
73PARK Sung-SooSouth Korea2Archery
74JUNG-HWAN KimSouth Korea2Fencing
75KANG Jae-WonSouth Korea1Handball
76DONG-MIN ChaSouth Korea1Taekwondo
77JANG Sung HoSouth Korea1Judo
78JA-CHEOL KooSouth Korea1Football
79KIM Jung-ChulSouth Korea1Hockey
80JEONG Soon-BokSouth Korea1Handball
81LEE Ji-YoungSouth Korea1Hockey
82CHANG Chang-SunSouth Korea1Wrestling
83LEE Jae-SukSouth Korea1Wrestling
84KIM Byung JooSouth Korea1Judo
85ROH Hyun-SukSouth Korea1Handball
86JANG Ji WonSouth Korea1Taekwondo
87SUNG-YUENG KiSouth Korea1Football
88YEO Woon-KonSouth Korea1Hockey
89BYON Kyung-JaSouth Korea1Volleyball
90HWANG Young-ChoSouth Korea1Athletics
91MIN Kyung-KapSouth Korea1Wrestling
92LIM Mi-KyungSouth Korea1Handball
93SIN Joon-SikSouth Korea1Taekwondo
94SON Gab-DoSouth Korea1Wrestling
95YANG Hyun-MoSouth Korea1Wrestling
96YOON Young-NaeSouth Korea1Volleyball
97HONG Sung SikSouth Korea1Boxing
98LEE Bong-JuSouth Korea1Athletics
99HAN Gum ShilSouth Korea1Hockey
100JO Seok HwanSouth Korea1Boxing
101CHANG Song-HoSouth Korea1Baseball
102CHOI Kyung-HeeSouth Korea1Basketball
103LEE Mi-YoungSouth Korea1Handball
104KIM Eun-MiSouth Korea1Handball
105PARK Soon-JaSouth Korea1Hockey
106KYUNG-EUN JungSouth Korea1Badminton
107KIM Hyun OkSouth Korea1Handball
108BAIK Hyun-ManSouth Korea1Boxing
109KIM Ki-TaeSouth Korea1Baseball
110PARK Chan-SookSouth Korea1Basketball
111CHOI Eun-KyungSouth Korea1Hockey
112YANG Young-JaSouth Korea1Table Tennis
113JAE-SUNG JungSouth Korea1Badminton
114OH SeunghwanSouth Korea1Baseball
115EUN-SEOK OhSouth Korea1Fencing
116BAE MinheeSouth Korea1Handball
117HYUN-HEE NamSouth Korea1Fencing
118SONG HairimSouth Korea1Handball
119PARK MiyoungSouth Korea1Table Tennis
120JANG WonsamSouth Korea1Baseball
121LEE YongdaeSouth Korea1Badminton
122KO YoungminSouth Korea1Baseball
123HAN Soo-AnSouth Korea1Boxing
124KIM Ki TaikSouth Korea1Table Tennis
125KIM Jae-HwanSouth Korea1Handball
126SO-HUI KimSouth Korea1Taekwondo
127JAE-SEOK OhSouth Korea1Football
128KIM Kyung SeokSouth Korea1Hockey
129LIM Jeong-SookSouth Korea1Hockey
130JEE Yong-JuSouth Korea1Boxing
131AN Dae-HyunSouth Korea1Wrestling
132YEO Kab-SoonSouth Korea1Shooting
133SHIM Jae-HongSouth Korea1Handball
134TAE-HEE NamSouth Korea1Football
135JUNG Bu-KyungSouth Korea1Judo
136YOON Byung-SoonSouth Korea1Handball
137KWAK Dae-SungSouth Korea1Judo
138CHANG Hee-SookSouth Korea1Volleyball
139LEE JaejinSouth Korea1Badminton
140AN Han-BongSouth Korea1Wrestling
141SONG Ji-HyunSouth Korea1Handball
142IM Dong-HyunSouth Korea1Archery
143YOUNG-RAE ChoiSouth Korea1Shooting
144KIM Jong-KyuSouth Korea1Wrestling
145YU Jung-HyaeSouth Korea1Volleyball
146HAN Ok-KyungSouth Korea1Hockey
147KYUNG-SEON HwangSouth Korea1Taekwondo
148KIM Jung JooSouth Korea1Boxing
149CHONG Tae-HyonSouth Korea1Baseball
150PARK Jong-HoSouth Korea1Baseball
151JEONG Myung-HeeSouth Korea1Basketball
152KIM Jeong-MiSouth Korea1Handball
153SEO Hyo-SunSouth Korea1Hockey
154SEUNG-CHAN ShinSouth Korea1Badminton
155LEE Gong JooSouth Korea1Handball
156PARK Jong-HoonSouth Korea1Gymnastics
157KIM Soo-KyungSouth Korea1Baseball
158HAN Hyung-BaeSouth Korea1Hockey
159PARK Yang-GaeSouth Korea1Basketball
160CHOI Mi-SoonSouth Korea1Hockey
161YONG-DAE LeeSouth Korea1Badminton
162RYU HyunjinSouth Korea1Baseball
163WOO-YOUNG WonSouth Korea1Fencing
164CHOI ImjeongSouth Korea1Handball
165HEE-SOOK JeonSouth Korea1Fencing
166CHOI MinhoSouth Korea1Judo
167CHA DongminSouth Korea1Taekwondo
168JEONG KeunwooSouth Korea1Baseball
169KWON HyukSouth Korea1Baseball
170JEON Young-SunSouth Korea1Hockey
171KOH Suk-ChangSouth Korea1Handball
172HYE-RI OhSouth Korea1Taekwondo
173JONG-WOO ParkSouth Korea1Football
174KIM Yong-BaeSouth Korea1Hockey
175OH Seung-ShinSouth Korea1Hockey
176CHANG Kyou-ChulSouth Korea1Boxing
177KIM Sung-MoonSouth Korea1Wrestling
178LEE Eun-ChulSouth Korea1Shooting
179SHIN Yung-SukSouth Korea1Handball
180SONG Myeong SeobSouth Korea1Taekwondo
181WOO-YOUNG JungSouth Korea1Football
182KIM Seon-YoungSouth Korea1Judo
183YOON Soo-KyungSouth Korea1Handball
184JO Hae-ChungSouth Korea1Volleyball
185HWANG JimanSouth Korea1Badminton
186SUK Min-HeeSouth Korea1Handball
187LEE Chang-HwanSouth Korea1Archery
188KIM In-SubSouth Korea1Wrestling
189KIM Eui-KonSouth Korea1Wrestling
190YU Kyung-HwaSouth Korea1Volleyball
191YOO Ok RyulSouth Korea1Gymnastics
192HWANG Keum-SookSouth Korea1Hockey
193YANG Tae YoungSouth Korea1Gymnastics
194CHUNG Min-TaeSouth Korea1Baseball
195PARK Kyung-OanSouth Korea1Baseball
196KIM Eun-SookSouth Korea1Basketball
197MIN Hye-SookSouth Korea1Handball
198KIM Mi-SimSouth Korea1Handball
199SEO Kwang-MiSouth Korea1Hockey
200SANG-YOUNG ParkSouth Korea1Fencing
201MOON Kyeong HaSouth Korea1Handball
202KIM Tae-GyunSouth Korea1Baseball
203HWANG Jong-HyunSouth Korea1Hockey
204SUNG Jung-ASouth Korea1Basketball
205SOON-CHUL HanSouth Korea1Boxing
206SONG SeungjunSouth Korea1Baseball
207A-LAM ShinSouth Korea1Fencing
208KIM ChayounSouth Korea1Handball
209BEOM-YOUNG LeeSouth Korea1Football
210WANG KichunSouth Korea1Judo
211CHUNG So-YoungSouth Korea1Badminton
212LIM SujeongSouth Korea1Taekwondo
213JIN KabyongSouth Korea1Baseball
214LEE DaehoSouth Korea1Baseball
215BO-KYUNG KimSouth Korea1Football
216JEON Hong-KwonSouth Korea1Hockey
217CHUN Chil-SungSouth Korea1Boxing
218JIN Deok SanSouth Korea1Hockey
219KANG Joon-HoSouth Korea1Boxing
220LEE Kyung-KunSouth Korea1Weightlifting
221LEE Sang-HyoSouth Korea1Handball
222JIN-HEE YoonSouth Korea1Weightlifting
223LEE Eun SilSouth Korea1Table Tennis
224KEE-HEE KimSouth Korea1Football
225KIM YoonSouth Korea1Hockey
226WOO Hyun-JungSouth Korea1Hockey
227OH Seung-LipSouth Korea1Judo
228KIM Young-NamSouth Korea1Wrestling
229KANG Hee ChanSouth Korea1Table Tennis
230YOON Tae-IlSouth Korea1Handball
231JANG Mi RanSouth Korea1Weightlifting
232YOUNG-GWON KimSouth Korea1Football
233KANG Cho-HyunSouth Korea1Shooting
234JEON Ki-YoungSouth Korea1Judo
235JUNG Soon-OkSouth Korea1Volleyball
236SHON Seung MoSouth Korea1Badminton
237JOO Hyun-JungSouth Korea1Archery
238JANG-MI KimSouth Korea1Shooting
239LEE Jung-KeunSouth Korea1Wrestling
240JEON Hae-SupSouth Korea1Wrestling
241CHA Jae-KyungSouth Korea1Handball
242YEO Hong-ChulSouth Korea1Gymnastics
243JIN Won-SimSouth Korea1Hockey
244KIM Dae EunSouth Korea1Gymnastics
245CHUN In-SooSouth Korea1Archery
246CHUNG Soo-KeunSouth Korea1Baseball
247PARK Seok-JinSouth Korea1Baseball
248KIM Hwa-SoonSouth Korea1Basketball
249KIM RangSouth Korea1Handball
250LEE Kyung-KeunSouth Korea1Judo
251PARK InbeeSouth Korea1Golf
252MOON Pil HeeSouth Korea1Handball
253KOO Dae-SungSouth Korea1Baseball
254JIN-SUN JungSouth Korea1Fencing
255YOON Suk MinSouth Korea1Baseball
256EUN-SOOK ChoiSouth Korea1Fencing
257KIM NamsunSouth Korea1Handball
258JEONG GyeongmiSouth Korea1Judo
259SHIM Eun-JungSouth Korea1Badminton
260SON TaejinSouth Korea1Taekwondo
261KANG MinhoSouth Korea1Baseball
262LEE JinyoungSouth Korea1Baseball
263LEE Byoung-KyuSouth Korea1Baseball
264CHANG-SOO KimSouth Korea1Football
265JEON Jong-HaSouth Korea1Hockey
266AN Young-SuSouth Korea1Boxing
267KIM Myung-OkSouth Korea1Hockey
268SONG Soon-ChunSouth Korea1Boxing
269NOH Kyung-SunSouth Korea1Wrestling
270LIM Jin-SukSouth Korea1Handball
271SEOK Eun MiSouth Korea1Table Tennis
272SEOK-HO HwangSouth Korea1Football
273LIM Jong-ChunSouth Korea1Hockey
274KIM Ok-HwaSouth Korea1Handball
275YOU Jae SookSouth Korea1Hockey
276CHANG Eun-KyungSouth Korea1Judo
277KIM Sang-KyuSouth Korea1Wrestling
278HAN Hyun-SookSouth Korea1Handball
279LEE Bae YoungSouth Korea1Weightlifting
280HAK-SEON YangSouth Korea1Gymnastics
281KIM Moo-KyoSouth Korea1Table Tennis
282KIM Min-SooSouth Korea1Judo
283LEE Soon-BokSouth Korea1Volleyball
284CHO Ki-HyangSouth Korea1Hockey
285HWANG Hae-YoungSouth Korea1Badminton
286YOU In-TakSouth Korea1Wrestling
287KIM Chung-TaeSouth Korea1Archery
288LEE Seung-YubSouth Korea1Baseball
289YANG Jung-MoSouth Korea1Wrestling
290CHO Eun-HeeSouth Korea1Handball
291KIM Mi-SunSouth Korea1Hockey
292SEUNG-YUN LeeSouth Korea1Archery
293CHOI Im JeongSouth Korea1Handball
294LEE Han-SupSouth Korea1Archery
295HONG Sung-HeonSouth Korea1Baseball
296SON Min-HanSouth Korea1Baseball
297KIM Young-HeeSouth Korea1Basketball
298NAM Eun-YoungSouth Korea1Handball
299KWAG Hye-JeongSouth Korea1Handball
300CHA Young-ChulSouth Korea1Shooting
301BA-UL AnSouth Korea1Judo
302MYOUNG Bok HeeSouth Korea1Handball
303BYUNG-CHUL ChoiSouth Korea1Fencing
304KIM JungjooSouth Korea1Boxing
305HYO-JUNG JungSouth Korea1Fencing
306KIM OnaSouth Korea1Handball
307KIM JaebumSouth Korea1Judo
308KIM Moon-SooSouth Korea1Badminton
309JANG MiranSouth Korea1Weightlifting
310KIM DongjooSouth Korea1Baseball
311DONG-HYUN ImSouth Korea1Archery
312LEE JongwookSouth Korea1Baseball
313DONG-HAN GwakSouth Korea1Judo
314WOO Sun HeeSouth Korea1Handball
315LEE Seung-HoSouth Korea1Baseball
316CHU-YOUNG ParkSouth Korea1Football
317JI Seong-HwanSouth Korea1Hockey
318SHIN Joon-SupSouth Korea1Boxing
319KOWN Soo-HyunSouth Korea1Hockey
320KIM Chang-HeeSouth Korea1Weightlifting
321YOON HyunSouth Korea1Judo
322OH Young-KiSouth Korea1Handball
323SUK-YOUNG YunSouth Korea1Football
324LIM Jung-WooSouth Korea1Hockey
325LEE Soon-EiSouth Korea1Handball
326HYUN Sook-HeeSouth Korea1Judo
327PARK Young-ChulSouth Korea1Judo
328CHUNG Jae-HunSouth Korea1Archery
329KIM Hyun-MeeSouth Korea1Handball
330JUNG Ji-HyunSouth Korea1Wrestling
331JUN-HO ChoSouth Korea1Judo
332KIM Kyong-HunSouth Korea1Taekwondo
333HWANG Jun-OhSouth Korea1Judo
334PARK Hae-JungSouth Korea1Table Tennis
335LEE Soon-OkSouth Korea1Volleyball
336KIM Bo-RamSouth Korea1Archery
337CHOI Choon-OkSouth Korea1Hockey
338SANG-EUN OhSouth Korea1Table Tennis
339IM Dong HyunSouth Korea1Archery
340BANG Dae-DuSouth Korea1Wrestling
341LIM Chang-YongSouth Korea1Baseball
342KIM Jin-HoSouth Korea1Archery
343JANG Ri-RaSouth Korea1Handball
344HAN Sun-HeeSouth Korea1Handball
345KIM Soon-DukSouth Korea1Hockey
346WOO-JIN KimSouth Korea1Archery
347HUH Young SookSouth Korea1Handball
348KIM Kwang-SunSouth Korea1Boxing
349JIN Pil-JungSouth Korea1Baseball
350SONG Jin-WooSouth Korea1Baseball
351LEE Hyung-SookSouth Korea1Basketball
352AN Jae HyungSouth Korea1Table Tennis
353LEE SeungyuopSouth Korea1Baseball
354JI-YEON KimSouth Korea1Fencing
355NAM HyunheeSouth Korea1Fencing
356IN-JEONG ChoiSouth Korea1Fencing
357LEE MinheeSouth Korea1Handball
358OH SangeunSouth Korea1Table Tennis
359BONG JungkeunSouth Korea1Baseball
360YOON JinheeSouth Korea1Weightlifting
361KIM HyunsooSouth Korea1Baseball
362BUB-MIN KimSouth Korea1Archery
363BO-KYEONG JeongSouth Korea1Judo
364CHOI Min HoSouth Korea1Judo
365DONG-WON JiSouth Korea1Football
366KANG Keon-WookSouth Korea1Hockey
367HAN Hwa-SooSouth Korea1Handball
368KWON Chang SookSouth Korea1Hockey
369CHUNG Shin-ChoSouth Korea1Boxing
370HAN Myung-WooSouth Korea1Wrestling
371CHUNG HoonSouth Korea1Judo
372PARK Do-HunSouth Korea1Handball
373SUNG-DONG BaekSouth Korea1Football
374SEO Jong-HoSouth Korea1Hockey
375LEE Young-JaSouth Korea1Handball
376JUNG Sun YongSouth Korea1Judo
377CHO Je-AkiSouth Korea1Judo
378HONG Cha OkSouth Korea1Table Tennis
379KIM Myung-SoonSouth Korea1Handball
380JAE-BUM KimSouth Korea1Judo
381JUNG Jae-EunSouth Korea1Taekwondo
382AHN Byung-KeunSouth Korea1Judo
383MA Kum-JaSouth Korea1Volleyball
384KIM Jo-SunSouth Korea1Archery
385CHUNG Eun-KyungSouth Korea1Hockey
386SE-HYUK JooSouth Korea1Table Tennis
387PARK Kyung MoSouth Korea1Archery
388KIM Weon-KeeSouth Korea1Wrestling
389JANG Hye OckSouth Korea1Badminton
390LIM Sun-DongSouth Korea1Baseball
391SEO Hyang-SoonSouth Korea1Archery
392KIM Hwa-SookSouth Korea1Handball
393KIM Young-SookSouth Korea1Hockey
394JANG So HeeSouth Korea1Handball
395LEE Jae-HyukSouth Korea1Boxing
396KIM Dong-JooSouth Korea1Baseball
397LEE Sang-KiSouth Korea1Fencing
398LEE Mi-JaSouth Korea1Basketball
399SUNG-JIN LeeSouth Korea1Archery
400LEE TaekkeunSouth Korea1Baseball
401BON-GIL GuSouth Korea1Fencing
402YOO WonchulSouth Korea1Gymnastics
403GIL-OK JungSouth Korea1Fencing
404MOON PilheeSouth Korea1Handball
405YOON JaeyoungSouth Korea1Table Tennis
406CHONG TaehyonSouth Korea1Baseball
407SA JaehyoukSouth Korea1Weightlifting
408KIM KwanghyunSouth Korea1Baseball
409CHOI Suk-JaeSouth Korea1Handball
410TAE-HUN KimSouth Korea1Taekwondo
411LEE Won HeeSouth Korea1Judo
412HYUN-SUNG KimSouth Korea1Football
413KIM Chel-HwanSouth Korea1Hockey
414JEONG Hyoi-SoonSouth Korea1Handball
415LEE Eun-YoungSouth Korea1Hockey
416KIM Eui-TaeSouth Korea1Judo
417KIM Tae-WooSouth Korea1Wrestling
418KIM Mi-JungSouth Korea1Judo
419PARK Young-DaeSouth Korea1Handball
420MOON Dae SungSouth Korea1Taekwondo
421SUNG-RYONG JungSouth Korea1Football
422SONG Seung-TaeSouth Korea1Hockey
423BAIK Myung-SunSouth Korea1Volleyball
424KIM Jong-ShinSouth Korea1Wrestling
425LEE Ki-SoonSouth Korea1Handball
426DAE-NAM SongSouth Korea1Judo
427LEE Sun-HeeSouth Korea1Taekwondo
428HA Hyung-ZooSouth Korea1Judo
429PARK Mi-KumSouth Korea1Volleyball
430YOUN Hye-YoungSouth Korea1Archery
431CHUNG Sang-HyunSouth Korea1Hockey
432SEUNG-MIN RyuSouth Korea1Table Tennis
433PARK Jae-HongSouth Korea1Baseball
434CHOI Aei-YoungSouth Korea1Basketball
435LEE Ho-YounSouth Korea1Handball
436KIM Cheong-ShimSouth Korea1Handball
437LIM Kye-SookSouth Korea1Hockey
438MI-SUN ChoiSouth Korea1Archery
439KIM Cha YounSouth Korea1Handball
440PARK Si-HunSouth Korea1Boxing
441KIM Han-SooSouth Korea1Baseball
442KIM Young HoSouth Korea1Fencing
443MOON Kyung-JaSouth Korea1Basketball
444PARK Kap-SookSouth Korea1Handball
445CHO Eun-JungSouth Korea1Hockey
446HYEONJU ChoiSouth Korea1Archery
447LEE YongkyuSouth Korea1Baseball
448AN JunghwaSouth Korea1Handball
449HA-NA OhSouth Korea1Fencing
450PARK ChungheeSouth Korea1Handball
451DANG YeseoSouth Korea1Table Tennis
452HAN KijooSouth Korea1Baseball
453PARK Eun-ChulSouth Korea1Wrestling
454KIM MinjaeSouth Korea1Baseball

Multiple medalists
 1)   KIM Soo-Nyung  6 
 2)   PARK Sung-Hyun  4 
 3)   YOO Nam-Kyu  4 
 4)   BO-BAE Ki  4 
 5)   OH Seongok  4 
 6)   JIN Jongoh  3 
 7)   HYUN Jung Hwa  3 
 8)   PARK Jang-Soon  3 
 9)   HONG Jeong-Ho  3 
 10)   LIM O Kyeong  3 
 11)   JONG-OH Jin  3 
 12)   OH Kyo-Moon  3 
 13)   JANG Yong-Ho  3 
 14)   KIM Dong Moon  3 
 15)   HUH Soonyoung  3 
 16)   OH Yong Ran  3 
 17)   YUN Mi-Jin  3 
 18)   GIL Young-Ah  3 
 19)   MOON Eui Jae  2 
 20)   LEE Sung Jin  2 
 21)   PARK Joo-Bong  2 
 22)   KIM Choon-Rye  2 
 23)   KIM Kyung-Soon  2 
 24)   LEE Bo Na  2 
 25)   KIM Mi-Sook  2 
 26)   RYU Seungmin  2 
 27)   KIM Kyungah  2 
 28)   SON Mi-Ha  2 
 29)   SUNG Kyung-Hwa  2 
 30)   HWANG Kyung Sun  2 
 31)   KIM Jae-Yup  2 
 32)   CHO Yong-Chul  2 
 33)   PARK Taehwan  2 
 34)   PARK Kyung-Mo  2 
 35)   YUN Ok-Hee  2 
 36)   PARK Sung-Soo  2 
 37)   YUN Young-Sook  2 
 38)   WANG Hee-Kyung  2 
 39)   CHANG Eun-Jung  2 
 40)   LEE Hyojung  2 
 41)   CHUN Byung-Kwan  2 
 42)   JIN-HYEK Oh  2 
 43)   CHO Youn-Jeong  2 
 44)   LEE Eun Kyung  2 
 45)   JUNG-HWAN Kim  2 
 46)   RA Kyung-Min  2 
 47)   LEE Kyungwon  2 
 48)   YOO Yong-Sung  2 
 49)   LEE Dong Soo  2 
 50)   LEE Seung Bae  2 
 51)   MOON Hyang-Ja  2 
 52)   PARK Jeong-Lim  2 
 53)   KIM Taek Soo  2 
 54)   LEE Chul Seung  2 
 55)   JONG-HYUN Kim  2 
 56)   TAE-HWAN Park  2 
 57)   KIM Kyung-Wook  2 
 58)   DAE-HOON Lee  2 
 59)   HYEON-WOO Kim  2 
 60)   BON-CHAN Ku  2 
 61)   HA Tae-Kwon  2 
 62)   HYE-JIN Chang  2 
 63)   LEE Sang-Eun  2 
 64)   JUNG Sung-Sook  2 
 65)   CHO Min-Sun  2 
 66)   CHO In-Chul  2 
 67)   RYU Ji-Hye  2 
 68)   JANG Jae-Sung  2 
 69)   SIM Kwon-Ho  2 
 70)   KIM Nam-Soon  2 
 71)   BANG Soo-Hyun  2 
 72)   PARK Jinman  2 
 73)   LEE Joo Hyung  2 
 74)   KIM Sung-Jip  2 

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