Olympic medalists of the modern Summer Olympic Games 1896-2016

United team of Germany

Summary statistics
Total medals for United team of Germany: 260
No. of medalists: 215
No. of sports: 15
Total GOLD medals: 68
Total SILVER medals: 100
Total BRONZE medals: 92
 Gold  68 / 260 
 Silver  100 / 260 
 Bronze  92 / 260 

Count of medals by sport
 Sport  Medals count Share (%)
 1)  Athletics  42 
 2)  Rowing  38 
 3)  Equestrian  34 
 4)  Aquatics  31 
 5)  Canoe / Kayak  22 
 6)  Cycling  20 
 7)  Football  19 
 8)  Hockey  11 
 9)  Fencing  10 
 10)  Wrestling  9 
 11)  Gymnastics  8 
 12)  Boxing  6 
 13)  Sailing  6 
 14)  Shooting  2 
 15)  Judo  2 

 Sport  Count Share (%)
 1)  Rowing  22 
 2)  Equestrian  16 
 3)  Canoe / Kayak  9 
 4)  Athletics  7 
 5)  Aquatics  4 
 6)  Cycling  4 
 7)  Gymnastics  1 
 8)  Shooting  1 
 9)  Boxing  1 
 10)  Wrestling  1 
 11)  Fencing  1 
 12)  Sailing  1 
 Sport  Count Share (%)
 1)  Athletics  24 
 2)  Aquatics  15 
 3)  Rowing  14 
 4)  Equestrian  12 
 5)  Cycling  11 
 6)  Canoe / Kayak  10 
 7)  Wrestling  5 
 8)  Boxing  3 
 9)  Sailing  3 
 10)  Fencing  1 
 11)  Gymnastics  1 
 12)  Judo  1 
 Sport  Count Share (%)
 1)  Football  19 
 2)  Aquatics  12 
 3)  Athletics  11 
 4)  Hockey  11 
 5)  Fencing  8 
 6)  Equestrian  6 
 7)  Gymnastics  6 
 8)  Cycling  5 
 9)  Canoe / Kayak  3 
 10)  Wrestling  3 
 11)  Sailing  2 
 12)  Rowing  2 
 13)  Boxing  2 
 14)  Judo  1 
 15)  Shooting  1 

Medalists ordered by medals count
» show all medalists from United team of Germany (individual records)

 namecountrymedals countsport
1DIETRICH WilfriedUnited team of Germany4Wrestling
2KRÄMER-ENGEL-GULBIN IngridUnited team of Germany4Aquatics
3WINKLER Hans GünterUnited team of Germany4Equestrian
4KLEIN Hans-JoachimUnited team of Germany4Aquatics
5WIEGAND FrankUnited team of Germany3Aquatics
6VON GRODDECK Karl-HeinrichUnited team of Germany3Rowing
7ZENZ ThereseUnited team of Germany3Canoe / Kayak
8BITTNER KlausUnited team of Germany2Rowing
9BOLDT HarryUnited team of Germany2Equestrian
10HILL AchimUnited team of Germany2Rowing
11MEES-VOLZ Helga MargotUnited team of Germany2Fencing
12KAUFMANN CarlUnited team of Germany2Athletics
13HETZ GerhardUnited team of Germany2Aquatics
14NECKERMANN JosefUnited team of Germany2Equestrian
15LÜTKE WESTHUES AugustUnited team of Germany2Equestrian
16THIEDEMANN FritzUnited team of Germany2Equestrian
17KÖHLER-BIRKEMEYER GiselaUnited team of Germany2Athletics
18LIGGES FritzUnited team of Germany2Equestrian
19STUBNICK ChristaUnited team of Germany2Athletics
20SCHMID Adelheid BarbaraUnited team of Germany2Fencing
21SCHUR Gustav-AdolfUnited team of Germany2Cycling
22PERLEBERG GüntherUnited team of Germany2Canoe / Kayak
23GREGOR Horst-GüntherUnited team of Germany2Aquatics
24WENTZKE FriedhelmUnited team of Germany2Canoe / Kayak
25GRODOTZKI HansUnited team of Germany2Athletics
26LINSENHOFF LiselottUnited team of Germany2Equestrian
27SCHEUER MichaelUnited team of Germany2Canoe / Kayak
28ZANDER HolgerUnited team of Germany2Canoe / Kayak
29SCHRIDDE HermannUnited team of Germany2Equestrian
30METZ LotharUnited team of Germany2Wrestling
31HARY ArminUnited team of Germany2Athletics
32BRUNNER UrsulaUnited team of Germany2Aquatics
33HEINE Judith (Jutta)United team of Germany2Athletics
34HALLAUnited team of Germany2Equestrian
35GARISCH-CULMBERGER-BOY RenateUnited team of Germany1Athletics
36KOPPE ErwinUnited team of Germany1Gymnastics
37ZIMMERMANN AnnemarieUnited team of Germany1Canoe / Kayak
38CINTL GerdUnited team of Germany1Rowing
39SCHWAN MichaelUnited team of Germany1Rowing
40BRITTING BernhardUnited team of Germany1Rowing
41HAGEN ErichUnited team of Germany1Cycling
42KUHWEIDE WilhelmUnited team of Germany1Sailing
43GEISLER ManfredUnited team of Germany1Football
44NORPOTH HaraldUnited team of Germany1Athletics
45KÖHLER SiegfriedUnited team of Germany1Cycling
46STÖCKER HermannUnited team of Germany1Football
47STEFFIN ChristelUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
48KLEINE TheodorUnited team of Germany1Canoe / Kayak
49WEYGAND HanneloreUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
50KINDER ManfredUnited team of Germany1Athletics
51LUTKE WESTHUES AlfonsUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
52LANGE PaulUnited team of Germany1Canoe / Kayak
53FERSTL EberhardUnited team of Germany1Hockey
54TEN ELSEN Eva-MariaUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
55BORKOWSKY RainerUnited team of Germany1Rowing
56POHL Leonard (Leo)United team of Germany1Athletics
57HUBER HansUnited team of Germany1Boxing
58HOPP Karl HeinzUnited team of Germany1Rowing
59KÖSTE KlausUnited team of Germany1Gymnastics
60SCHULZE BernhardUnited team of Germany1Canoe / Kayak
61EFFERTZ HorstUnited team of Germany1Rowing
62AEFFKE KlausUnited team of Germany1Rowing
63KLIMKE ReinerUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
64MULKA RolfUnited team of Germany1Sailing
65HIRSCHFELDER EgbertUnited team of Germany1Rowing
66THEUERKAUFF-VORBRICH GudrunUnited team of Germany1Fencing
67LÖRKE GünterUnited team of Germany1Cycling
68ROST Klaus-JürgenUnited team of Germany1Wrestling
69HEINSCH Hans-JürgenUnited team of Germany1Football
70RICHERT-BALZER KarinUnited team of Germany1Athletics
71UNGER WernerUnited team of Germany1Football
72WEISS GiselaUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
73MILTENBERGER MeinradUnited team of Germany1Canoe / Kayak
74CULLMANN BerndUnited team of Germany1Athletics
75RESKE Hans-JoachimUnited team of Germany1Athletics
76LÜCKER AlfredUnited team of Germany1Hockey
77HAPPE-KREY UrsulaUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
78SCHULZ HeinzUnited team of Germany1Boxing
79LENK HansUnited team of Germany1Rowing
80LYHS GüntherUnited team of Germany1Gymnastics
81FUGGERER WillyUnited team of Germany1Cycling
82LITZ JürgenUnited team of Germany1Rowing
83AHRENS ThomasUnited team of Germany1Rowing
84VON BREDOW IngoUnited team of Germany1Sailing
85NEUSEL PeterUnited team of Germany1Rowing
86WEISS-SCHERBERGER Rosemarie (Romy)United team of Germany1Fencing
87JACOBSEN UweUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
88GIESELER Dietrich (Dieter)United team of Germany1Cycling
89KIEHL HeinzUnited team of Germany1Wrestling
90KÖRNER GerhardUnited team of Germany1Football
91WALDE Hans JoachimUnited team of Germany1Athletics
92SCHOCKEMÖHLE AlwinUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
93URBANCZYK KlausUnited team of Germany1Football
94FUHRMANN BärbelUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
95POMMER Reinhold ViktorUnited team of Germany1Cycling
96LAUER MartinUnited team of Germany1Athletics
97ROTHE OttoUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
98DONATH UrsulaUnited team of Germany1Athletics
99ALAUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
100NONN HelmutUnited team of Germany1Hockey
101WERNER-SCHULZE-ENTRUP MarianneUnited team of Germany1Athletics
102VOGEL EberhardUnited team of Germany1Football
103SCHULZ EmilUnited team of Germany1Boxing
104PADGE WilliUnited team of Germany1Rowing
105WEBER PeterUnited team of Germany1Gymnastics
106KOBUSCH KlausUnited team of Germany1Cycling
107OBST MichaelUnited team of Germany1Rowing
108BEHRENS KlausUnited team of Germany1Rowing
109KARSTEN HorstUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
110ZÄHRINGER KlausUnited team of Germany1Shooting
111OELKE JürgenUnited team of Germany1Rowing
112BARTHELS WolfgangUnited team of Germany1Football
113LÖFFLER HorstUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
114SIMON JürgenUnited team of Germany1Cycling
115LISIEWICZ KlausUnited team of Germany1Football
116HOLDORF WilliUnited team of Germany1Athletics
117KÜPER UrsulaUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
118MAHLENDORF WalterUnited team of Germany1Athletics
119WAGNER KlausUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
120KRÜGER WalterUnited team of Germany1Athletics
121BANTZ HelmutUnited team of Germany1Gymnastics
122NONN WolfgangUnited team of Germany1Hockey
123RICHTZENHAIN KlausUnited team of Germany1Athletics
124BEHRENDT WolfgangUnited team of Germany1Boxing
125WALTER ManfredUnited team of Germany1Football
126ESCHERT JürgenUnited team of Germany1Canoe / Kayak
127RULFFS ManfredUnited team of Germany1Rowing
128RADOCHLA BirgitUnited team of Germany1Gymnastics
129CLAESGES LotharUnited team of Germany1Cycling
130RIEMANN KlausUnited team of Germany1Rowing
131MEYER HorstUnited team of Germany1Rowing
132SCHULZ GerhardUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
133KOHNKE PeterUnited team of Germany1Shooting
134WERNER JoachimUnited team of Germany1Rowing
135BAUCHSPIESS BerndUnited team of Germany1Football
136STÄBER LotharUnited team of Germany1Cycling
137NÖLDNER JürgenUnited team of Germany1Football
138LOTZ IngridUnited team of Germany1Athletics
139BRECHT JürgenUnited team of Germany1Fencing
140SCHMIDT IngridUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
141TÜLLER HorstUnited team of Germany1Cycling
142BIECHL AnniUnited team of Germany1Athletics
143PRINZESSUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
144CLAUS-LAUFER HildrunUnited team of Germany1Athletics
145BRENNECKE GunterUnited team of Germany1Hockey
146RADZIKOWSKI HeinzUnited team of Germany1Hockey
147HAAS Karl-FriedrichUnited team of Germany1Athletics
148GÖBEL BarbaraUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
149KURSCHAT HarryUnited team of Germany1Boxing
150WEIGANG HorstUnited team of Germany1Football
151BÜKER HeinzUnited team of Germany1Canoe / Kayak
152SCHEPKE FrankUnited team of Germany1Rowing
153HOFMANN WolfgangUnited team of Germany1Judo
154HENRICHS KarlheinzUnited team of Germany1Cycling
155KNUBEL BernhardUnited team of Germany1Rowing
156PLAGEMANN JürgenUnited team of Germany1Rowing
157MARITSCHNIGG GuntherUnited team of Germany1Wrestling
158AHRENDT PeterUnited team of Germany1Sailing
159ENGELHARDT DieterUnited team of Germany1Football
160HENNINGER EgonUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
161BARLEBEN BerndUnited team of Germany1Cycling
162PANKAU HerbertUnited team of Germany1Football
163BEYER UweUnited team of Germany1Athletics
164GERRESHEIM Timothaus (Tim)United team of Germany1Fencing
165HENDRIX BrunhildeUnited team of Germany1Athletics
166SISSIUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
167LÜTTGE-HÜBNER JohannaUnited team of Germany1Athletics
168BUDINGER HugoUnited team of Germany1Hockey
169ROSENBAUM WernerUnited team of Germany1Hockey
170FÜTTERER HeinzUnited team of Germany1Athletics
171URSELMANN WiltrudUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
172MEHL EberhardUnited team of Germany1Fencing
173FÜLLE SiegfriedUnited team of Germany1Gymnastics
174SCHEPKE KraftUnited team of Germany1Rowing
175GLAHN KlausUnited team of Germany1Judo
176LINK KarlUnited team of Germany1Cycling
177RENNEBERG Karl HeinzUnited team of Germany1Rowing
178SCHROEDER JürgenUnited team of Germany1Rowing
179HARTMANN IngridUnited team of Germany1Canoe / Kayak
180LORENZ WilfredUnited team of Germany1Sailing
181FRÄSSDORF OttoUnited team of Germany1Football
182KÜPPERS Ernst JoachimUnited team of Germany1Aquatics
183GRÖNING PeterUnited team of Germany1Cycling
184ROCK PeterUnited team of Germany1Football
185LEHNERTZ KlausUnited team of Germany1Athletics
186AFRIKAUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
187PENSBERGER-LANGBEIN MarthaUnited team of Germany1Athletics
188SIEGMUND GünterUnited team of Germany1Boxing
189DELMES WernerUnited team of Germany1Hockey
190ULLERICH GuntherUnited team of Germany1Hockey
191GERMAR ManfredUnited team of Germany1Athletics
192THEUERKAUFF JürgenUnited team of Germany1Fencing
193FÜRST PhilippUnited team of Germany1Gymnastics
194ESSER RoswithaUnited team of Germany1Canoe / Kayak
195SCHRÖDER WalterUnited team of Germany1Rowing
196HOTTENROTT WolfgangUnited team of Germany1Rowing
197STRENG ErnstUnited team of Germany1Cycling
198ZERTA KlausUnited team of Germany1Rowing
199WALLBRECHT Hans-JürgenUnited team of Germany1Rowing
200JARASINSKI KurtUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
201ADLER EgonUnited team of Germany1Cycling
202MENSE UlrichUnited team of Germany1Sailing
203FRENZEL HenningUnited team of Germany1Football
204LINDNER DieterUnited team of Germany1Athletics
205KLIEME ManfredUnited team of Germany1Cycling
206SEEHAUS Klaus-DieterUnited team of Germany1Football
207REINHARDT WolfgangUnited team of Germany1Athletics
208BRIEL FritzUnited team of Germany1Canoe / Kayak
209KÜPPERS AnnelieseUnited team of Germany1Equestrian
210KAISER JohannesUnited team of Germany1Athletics
211KRAUSE DieterUnited team of Germany1Canoe / Kayak
212DOLLHEISER HugoUnited team of Germany1Hockey
213ARNDT HorstUnited team of Germany1Rowing
214KNÖRZER LotharUnited team of Germany1Athletics
215PECHSTEIN HeidiUnited team of Germany1Aquatics

Multiple medalists
 1)   KLEIN Hans-Joachim  4 
 2)   WINKLER Hans Günter  4 
 3)   DIETRICH Wilfried  4 
 4)   KRÄMER-ENGEL-GULBIN Ingrid  4 
 5)   WIEGAND Frank  3 
 6)   ZENZ Therese  3 
 7)   VON GRODDECK Karl-Heinrich  3 
 8)   PERLEBERG Günther  2 
 9)   WENTZKE Friedhelm  2 
 10)   NECKERMANN Josef  2 
 11)   SCHMID Adelheid Barbara  2 
 12)   BITTNER Klaus  2 
 13)   HILL Achim  2 
 14)   METZ Lothar  2 
 15)   HETZ Gerhard  2 
 16)   GREGOR Horst-Günther  2 
 17)   ZANDER Holger  2 
 18)   BOLDT Harry  2 
 19)   LIGGES Fritz  2 
 20)   SCHRIDDE Hermann  2 
 21)   MEES-VOLZ Helga Margot  2 
 22)   STUBNICK Christa  2 
 23)   KÖHLER-BIRKEMEYER Gisela  2 
 24)   SCHEUER Michael  2 
 25)   SCHUR Gustav-Adolf  2 
 26)   LINSENHOFF Liselott  2 
 27)   LÜTKE WESTHUES August  2 
 28)   HALLA  2 
 29)   THIEDEMANN Fritz  2 
 30)   BRUNNER Ursula  2 
 31)   GRODOTZKI Hans  2 
 32)   HARY Armin  2 
 33)   HEINE Judith (Jutta)  2 
 34)   KAUFMANN Carl  2 

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