Olympic medalists of the modern Summer Olympic Games 1896-2016

East Germany

Summary statistics
Total medals for East Germany: 825
No. of medalists: 597
No. of sports: 16
Total GOLD medals: 329
Total SILVER medals: 271
Total BRONZE medals: 225
 Gold  329 / 825 
 Silver  271 / 825 
 Bronze  225 / 825 

Count of medals by sport
 Sport  Medals count Share (%)
 1)  Rowing  183 
 2)  Aquatics  144 
 3)  Athletics  139 
 4)  Gymnastics  86 
 5)  Canoe / Kayak  52 
 6)  Football  51 
 7)  Handball  42 
 8)  Cycling  32 
 9)  Volleyball  24 
 10)  Shooting  16 
 11)  Sailing  15 
 12)  Boxing  13 
 13)  Weightlifting  11 
 14)  Judo  9 
 15)  Wrestling  7 
 16)  Fencing  1 

 Sport  Count Share (%)
 1)  Rowing  138 
 2)  Aquatics  55 
 3)  Athletics  50 
 4)  Canoe / Kayak  24 
 5)  Football  17 
 6)  Handball  14 
 7)  Cycling  9 
 8)  Gymnastics  6 
 9)  Boxing  5 
 10)  Sailing  4 
 11)  Shooting  3 
 12)  Wrestling  2 
 13)  Judo  1 
 14)  Weightlifting  1 
 Sport  Count Share (%)
 1)  Aquatics  58 
 2)  Athletics  51 
 3)  Gymnastics  28 
 4)  Rowing  24 
 5)  Volleyball  24 
 6)  Cycling  19 
 7)  Football  17 
 8)  Handball  14 
 9)  Canoe / Kayak  11 
 10)  Shooting  8 
 11)  Sailing  5 
 12)  Weightlifting  4 
 13)  Wrestling  3 
 14)  Judo  2 
 15)  Boxing  2 
 16)  Fencing  1 
 Sport  Count Share (%)
 1)  Gymnastics  52 
 2)  Athletics  38 
 3)  Aquatics  31 
 4)  Rowing  21 
 5)  Canoe / Kayak  17 
 6)  Football  17 
 7)  Handball  14 
 8)  Sailing  6 
 9)  Weightlifting  6 
 10)  Boxing  6 
 11)  Judo  6 
 12)  Shooting  5 
 13)  Cycling  4 
 14)  Wrestling  2 

Medalists ordered by medals count
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 namecountrymedals countsport
1MATTHES RolandEast Germany8Aquatics
2ENDER KorneliaEast Germany8Aquatics
3JANZ KarinEast Germany7Gymnastics
4STECHER RenateEast Germany6Athletics
5POLLACK AndreaEast Germany6Aquatics
6HELM RüdigerEast Germany6Canoe / Kayak
7OTTO KristinEast Germany6Aquatics
8BRÜCKNER RolandEast Germany5Gymnastics
9ZUCHOLD ErikaEast Germany5Gymnastics
10DIERS InesEast Germany5Aquatics
11NIKOLAY MichaelEast Germany4Gymnastics
12KRÄKER SteffiEast Germany4Gymnastics
13ECKERT-WÖCKEL BärbelEast Germany4Athletics
14OELSNER-GÖHR MarliesEast Germany4Athletics
15METSCHUCK CarenEast Germany4Aquatics
16HEUKRODT OlafEast Germany4Canoe / Kayak
17GNAUCK MaxiEast Germany4Gymnastics
18BREHMER-LATHAN ChristinaEast Germany4Athletics
19OLBRICHT BerndEast Germany4Canoe / Kayak
20FISCHER BirgitEast Germany4Canoe / Kayak
21VOLLMAR HaraldEast Germany3Shooting
22KRAUSE RoswithaEast Germany3Aquatics
23TREIBER BirgitEast Germany3Aquatics
24DRECHSLER HeikeEast Germany3Athletics
25BEHRENDT HolgerEast Germany3Gymnastics
26AUERSWALD-LANGE IngridEast Germany3Athletics
27LANDVOIGT BerndEast Germany3Rowing
28KÖSTE KlausEast Germany3Gymnastics
29TIPPELT SvenEast Germany3Gymnastics
30RICHTER UlrikeEast Germany3Aquatics
31LANDVOIGT JörgEast Germany3Rowing
32BRIETZKE SiegfriedEast Germany3Rowing
33HÖRNER SilkeEast Germany3Aquatics
34HOFFMEISTER GunhildEast Germany3Athletics
35WEIGANG BirteEast Germany3Aquatics
36HUNGER DanielaEast Germany3Aquatics
37MEISSNER KatrinEast Germany3Aquatics
38DASSLER UweEast Germany3Aquatics
39REINISCH RicaEast Germany3Aquatics
40KRAUSE BarbaraEast Germany3Aquatics
41GÜLDENPFENNIG WolfgangEast Germany2Rowing
42DIESSNER WalterEast Germany2Rowing
43HELLMANN AngelikaEast Germany2Gymnastics
44WOHLLEBE AndreEast Germany2Canoe / Kayak
45KNETSCH-KÖPKE ChristianeEast Germany2Rowing
46BEYER UdoEast Germany2Athletics
47SCHALLER-KLIER JohannaEast Germany2Athletics
48FUCHS RuthEast Germany2Athletics
49RICHTER-HOCHMUT KristinaEast Germany2Handball
50GEWENIGER UteEast Germany2Aquatics
51KURBJUWEIT LotharEast Germany2Football
52WEISE KonradEast Germany2Football
53WEHLING Heinz-HelmutEast Germany2Wrestling
54WEIGELT-BUHR LianeEast Germany2Rowing
55STAHLE AndreasEast Germany2Canoe / Kayak
56UNTERWALDER UweEast Germany2Cycling
57ROST ChristinaEast Germany2Handball
58NOWAKOWSKI RichardEast Germany2Boxing
59DUVIGNEAU BerndEast Germany2Canoe / Kayak
60ANKE HanneloreEast Germany2Aquatics
61SCHLAAK-JAHL EvelinEast Germany2Athletics
62PYTTEL RogerEast Germany2Aquatics
63NOACK AngelikaEast Germany2Rowing
64KERSTEN DagmarEast Germany2Gymnastics
65ZOBELT RoswiethaEast Germany2Rowing
66NOTHNAGEL-VON SECK AnkeEast Germany2Canoe / Kayak
67BRANSCH BerndEast Germany2Football
68SIRCH CorneliaEast Germany2Aquatics
69STELLMACH ManuelaEast Germany2Aquatics
70UNGER LutzEast Germany2Aquatics
71NORDWIG WolfgangEast Germany2Athletics
72ZESNER SteffenEast Germany2Aquatics
73POLLAK BurglindeEast Germany2Athletics
74SCHMIDT CarmelaEast Germany2Aquatics
75KLOTZ WolfgangEast Germany2Gymnastics
76JÄHRLING HaraldEast Germany2Rowing
77SCHÜMANN JochenEast Germany2Sailing
78WENDISCH DieterEast Germany2Rowing
79LUDWIG Klaus-DieterEast Germany2Rowing
80CROY JürgenEast Germany2Football
81RICHTER IlonaEast Germany2Rowing
82TIETZ MarionEast Germany2Handball
83WETZKO GabrieleEast Germany2Aquatics
84PRIEMER PetraEast Germany2Aquatics
85FRIEDRICH HeikeEast Germany2Aquatics
86HELMBOLD-GUMMEL MargittaEast Germany2Athletics
87SCHAFFER FrankEast Germany2Athletics
88SCHRÖTER MartinaEast Germany2Rowing
89GAUDER HartwigEast Germany2Athletics
90LUCKE JörgEast Germany2Rowing
91WILKE MarinaEast Germany2Rowing
92WEIGEL RonaldEast Germany2Athletics
93SCHNEIDER PetraEast Germany2Aquatics
94SPOHR GeorgEast Germany2Rowing
95GESCHKE Hans-JürgenEast Germany2Cycling
96UHLIG PetraEast Germany2Handball
97ZIRZOW CarolaEast Germany2Canoe / Kayak
98JANICKE MarinaEast Germany2Aquatics
99STROPAHL-STREIDT EllenEast Germany2Athletics
100KOCH MaritaEast Germany2Athletics
101MACK LutzEast Germany2Gymnastics
102KRETZSCHMAR WaltraudEast Germany2Handball
103FORBERGER FrankEast Germany2Rowing
104DECKER AndreasEast Germany2Rowing
105MÜLLER PetraEast Germany2Athletics
106WOITHE JörgEast Germany2Aquatics
107ULRICH Friedrich-WilhelmEast Germany2Rowing
108MAGER WolfgangEast Germany2Rowing
109DÖHN GottfriedEast Germany2Rowing
110WIEFEL JürgenEast Germany2Shooting
111BOROWSKI PaulEast Germany2Sailing
112MATTERN JoachimEast Germany2Canoe / Kayak
113BEIER RoswithaEast Germany2Aquatics
114LUDWIG OlafEast Germany2Cycling
115TAUBER UlrikeEast Germany2Aquatics
116BECK VolkerEast Germany2Athletics
117REIMANN HansEast Germany2Athletics
118DOMBECK CarolaEast Germany2Gymnastics
119MATZ EvelynEast Germany2Handball
120GRAHN DieterEast Germany2Rowing
121LORENZ DietmarEast Germany2Judo
122CIERPINSKI WaldemarEast Germany2Athletics
123HÄFNER ReinhardEast Germany2Football
124SEMMLER StefanEast Germany2Rowing
125LOHS-KUHN GabrieleEast Germany2Rowing
126KROLL SylvioEast Germany2Gymnastics
127DREIFKE JoachimEast Germany2Rowing
128KARNATZ UlrichEast Germany2Rowing
129HUSCHKE ThomasEast Germany2Cycling
130ZOBER HanneloreEast Germany2Handball
131THUN Karl-HeinzEast Germany2Sailing
132THÜMER PetraEast Germany2Aquatics
133FRENKEL PeterEast Germany2Athletics
134RÜHLE FrankEast Germany2Rowing
135DIESSNER UllrichEast Germany2Rowing
136METZE KarinEast Germany2Rowing
137BONK GerdEast Germany2Weightlifting
138LAU JuttaEast Germany2Rowing
139SCHMIED Hans-UlrichEast Germany2Rowing
140KUNZ JoachimEast Germany2Weightlifting
141WEICHERT KonradEast Germany2Sailing
142HESSLICH LutzEast Germany2Cycling
143FLEMMING ThomasEast Germany2Aquatics
144BREHME MatthiasEast Germany2Gymnastics
145ZEHRT MonikaEast Germany2Athletics
146SCHUBERT DieterEast Germany2Rowing
147KLEBER InaEast Germany1Aquatics
148KREISCHE Hans-JürgenEast Germany1Football
149WOLF CarstenEast Germany1Cycling
150MÖLLER SilkeEast Germany1Athletics
151PIETZSCH EckehardEast Germany1Volleyball
152POLIT CorneliaEast Germany1Aquatics
153WATZLICH SiegmarEast Germany1Football
154SCHWEDE BiankaEast Germany1Rowing
155FÄHNRICH GabrieleEast Germany1Gymnastics
156VOSS TorstenEast Germany1Athletics
157GRÜTZNER StefanEast Germany1Weightlifting
158STROHBACH RainerEast Germany1Aquatics
159POLEY ViolaEast Germany1Rowing
160BRECHOT TorstenEast Germany1Judo
161DÖRRE KatrinEast Germany1Athletics
162BORZYM Hans-JoachimEast Germany1Rowing
163BELOW DieterEast Germany1Sailing
164STRAUCH AnnegretEast Germany1Rowing
165GIMPEL HaraldEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
166KOSTULSKI RolandEast Germany1Rowing
167SCHWARZ DietmarEast Germany1Rowing
168WENZEL PeterEast Germany1Weightlifting
169RICHTER HerbertEast Germany1Cycling
170KUMMER MarioEast Germany1Cycling
171STRAUSS AstridEast Germany1Aquatics
172HINDORFF SilviaEast Germany1Gymnastics
173KRÜGER Karl-HeinzEast Germany1Boxing
174MANTEK FrankEast Germany1Weightlifting
175BOESLER PetraEast Germany1Rowing
176BOESLER MartinaEast Germany1Rowing
177GRUNER KlausEast Germany1Handball
178BISCHOF Frank-PeterEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
179GENÄUSS CarstaEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
180ZIMMERMANN KathrinEast Germany1Aquatics
181BRUCH PeterEast Germany1Aquatics
182SAALFELD RomyEast Germany1Rowing
183HOFFMANN MartinEast Germany1Football
184MILDE LotharEast Germany1Athletics
185HORNIG CarolaEast Germany1Rowing
186MORTAG GeraldEast Germany1Cycling
187STRAUB JürgenEast Germany1Athletics
188HINNEBURG LarsEast Germany1Aquatics
189VOGEL RenateEast Germany1Aquatics
190HEPPNER UweEast Germany1Rowing
191DIETRICH GerhardEast Germany1Gymnastics
192HABERMANN HeikoEast Germany1Rowing
193LIEBERS MatthiasEast Germany1Football
194PFEIFER JörgEast Germany1Athletics
195THIELE KlausEast Germany1Athletics
196HEINICH ChristinaEast Germany1Athletics
197PFEFFER ThomasEast Germany1Shooting
198KISCHE MarionEast Germany1Gymnastics
199STARKE UteEast Germany1Gymnastics
200RUDOLPH RenateEast Germany1Handball
201BEHRENDT JuttaEast Germany1Rowing
202TRAUTMANN AndreasEast Germany1Football
203HINZMANN GabrieleEast Germany1Athletics
204HOMMOLA UteEast Germany1Athletics
205MUMMHARDT ChristineEast Germany1Volleyball
206GELPKE ManfredEast Germany1Rowing
207WESTPHAL HeidiEast Germany1Rowing
208LIPPOLDT WernerEast Germany1Shooting
209KUNZE RüdigerEast Germany1Rowing
210WAGNER UdoEast Germany1Fencing
211BUSCH SabineEast Germany1Athletics
212SCHNEIDER SiegfriedEast Germany1Volleyball
213GEISSLER InesEast Germany1Aquatics
214DÄHNE SabineEast Germany1Rowing
215JENTSCH MartinaEast Germany1Gymnastics
216SCHULT JürgenEast Germany1Athletics
217DÄHNE HeikeEast Germany1Aquatics
218SCHMEISSER RichardaEast Germany1Gymnastics
219PETER BirgitEast Germany1Rowing
220TIMMERMANN UlfEast Germany1Athletics
221DIMKE HaroldEast Germany1Rowing
222ENGELHARDT OlafEast Germany1Sailing
223WILD-WAGNER UteEast Germany1Rowing
224HORN SiegbertEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
225LÜCK Hans-JoachimEast Germany1Rowing
226GUST ReinhardEast Germany1Rowing
227BRÜCHERT Hans-DieterEast Germany1Wrestling
228LEHMANN HelmaEast Germany1Rowing
229LANDSMANN MaikEast Germany1Cycling
230GÖHLER RolandEast Germany1Rowing
231DOBERSCHÜTZ JensEast Germany1Rowing
232RENSCH KatharinaEast Germany1Gymnastics
233KÄSTNER DetlefEast Germany1Boxing
234NEUPERT UweEast Germany1Wrestling
235CZEKALLA KurtEast Germany1Shooting
236NEISSER KerstenEast Germany1Rowing
237HOFT RainerEast Germany1Handball
238PERTHES GabrieleEast Germany1Aquatics
239MARG HaraldEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
240NORD KathleenEast Germany1Aquatics
241HARTUNG WilfriedEast Germany1Aquatics
242WENZEL KirstenEast Germany1Rowing
243KISCHE GerdEast Germany1Football
244BEER KlausEast Germany1Athletics
245ROSE SylviaEast Germany1Rowing
246WIEGAND MatthiasEast Germany1Cycling
247KLAPEZYNSKI-BRUNS UlrikeEast Germany1Athletics
248STOLL-WARTENBERG ChristianeEast Germany1Athletics
249RICHTER DirkEast Germany1Aquatics
250WINTER MartinEast Germany1Rowing
251FÜLLE SiegfriedEast Germany1Gymnastics
252KOPPEN JensEast Germany1Rowing
253MULLER MatthiasEast Germany1Football
254THIEME AlexanderEast Germany1Athletics
255KRUG BarbaraEast Germany1Athletics
256KAUFER EvelynEast Germany1Athletics
257DAMME JörgEast Germany1Shooting
258WUNDERLICH ClaudiaEast Germany1Handball
259FLACH ThomasEast Germany1Sailing
260TRIELOFF NorbertEast Germany1Football
261DOMBROWSKI LutzEast Germany1Athletics
262TODTEN-HEIN JaquelineEast Germany1Athletics
263PUSCHEL KarinEast Germany1Volleyball
264SIEBERT GloriaEast Germany1Athletics
265BUCHHEIM MichaelEast Germany1Shooting
266POMMERENKE JürgenEast Germany1Football
267SCHULZ AndreasEast Germany1Rowing
268EMMELMANN KirstenEast Germany1Athletics
269SCHULZ ArnoldEast Germany1Volleyball
270SCHÖNROCK SybilleEast Germany1Aquatics
271ZAPF ManfredEast Germany1Football
272HELLMANN MartinaEast Germany1Athletics
273KÖHLER ChristaEast Germany1Aquatics
274SCHMITT ChristineEast Germany1Gymnastics
275BALTHASAR RamonaEast Germany1Rowing
276JAHN SabineEast Germany1Rowing
277NEIMKE KathrinEast Germany1Athletics
278ZACHRIES MichaelEast Germany1Sailing
279ZEIDLER JudithEast Germany1Rowing
280BAHMANN AngelikaEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
281PRUDÖHL Karl-HeinzEast Germany1Rowing
282JOBST RolfEast Germany1Rowing
283HOFFMANN FalkEast Germany1Aquatics
284MÜLLER IrinaEast Germany1Rowing
285SCHUR JanEast Germany1Cycling
286ROFFEIS KarlaEast Germany1Volleyball
287SIEFERT SilviaEast Germany1Handball
288JAKOB KlausEast Germany1Rowing
289DÜHRING UweEast Germany1Rowing
290SUBE KarolaEast Germany1Gymnastics
291BACHFELD JochenEast Germany1Boxing
292BAUCH HerbertEast Germany1Boxing
293VESPER RudolfEast Germany1Wrestling
294SANDIG MaritaEast Germany1Rowing
295JAUNICH Hans-GeorgEast Germany1Handball
296LEHNERT JürgenEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
297SCHMUCK UtaEast Germany1Aquatics
298EICHWURZEL BerndEast Germany1Rowing
299BODEN FalkEast Germany1Cycling
300KLIER CorneliaEast Germany1Rowing
301LAUCK ReinhardEast Germany1Football
302SIECH BirteEast Germany1Rowing
303WINKLER VolkerEast Germany1Cycling
304WIESER RolandEast Germany1Athletics
305RICHERT-BALZER KarinEast Germany1Athletics
306KERSTEN PeterEast Germany1Rowing
307HANSCHKE RainerEast Germany1Gymnastics
308WAHL Frank-MichaelEast Germany1Handball
309ZÜHLKE SteffenEast Germany1Rowing
310NETZ Wolf-RudigerEast Germany1Football
311BODENDORF CarlaEast Germany1Athletics
312LÖWE GabrieleEast Germany1Athletics
313STRUPPERT BärbelEast Germany1Athletics
314BULLIN KatharinaEast Germany1Volleyball
315BADOREK GabrieleEast Germany1Handball
316BOTHE Heinz-JürgenEast Germany1Rowing
317LEHMANN Karl-HeinzEast Germany1Judo
318JÄKEL BerndEast Germany1Sailing
319UHLIG FrankEast Germany1Football
320WITSCHAS-ACKERMANN RosemarieEast Germany1Athletics
321PASCHEK FrankEast Germany1Athletics
322DITTERT BerndEast Germany1Cycling
323HEROLD Jens-PeterEast Germany1Athletics
324HAGEN HorstEast Germany1Volleyball
325KNACKE ChristianeEast Germany1Aquatics
326SCHULENBERG RalfEast Germany1Football
327THOMAS JohannesEast Germany1Rowing
328NEUBAUER DagmarEast Germany1Athletics
329SCHUMANN RudiEast Germany1Volleyball
330KLOTZ UlrikeEast Germany1Gymnastics
331GANSKY DianaEast Germany1Athletics
332HÖTGER DietmarEast Germany1Judo
333BUSSERT Karl-HeinzEast Germany1Rowing
334HAACKER KathrinEast Germany1Rowing
335GRABOWSKY PetraEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
336BAUMGART BerndEast Germany1Rowing
337TEWS AndreasEast Germany1Boxing
338BRUDEL RalfEast Germany1Rowing
339SCHÜTZE JürgenEast Germany1Cycling
340BLIESENER Hans-JorgEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
341JÄSCHKE MartinaEast Germany1Aquatics
342BRIESENICK HartmutEast Germany1Athletics
343SCHMIDT MartinaEast Germany1Volleyball
344KREMTZ PeterEast Germany1Rowing
345FRIEDRICH JörgEast Germany1Rowing
346SÜSS BirgitEast Germany1Gymnastics
347LEUE EckhardEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
348METZ LotharEast Germany1Wrestling
349SCHÜTZ BirgitEast Germany1Rowing
350KRUGER HartmutEast Germany1Handball
351GRÜNKE Klaus-JürgenEast Germany1Cycling
352KLAWONN FrankEast Germany1Rowing
353DROGAN BerndEast Germany1Cycling
354EIFE AndreaEast Germany1Aquatics
355STEINDORF UteEast Germany1Rowing
356LÖWE WolframEast Germany1Football
357WALTHER MartinaEast Germany1Rowing
358BAHRINGER JurgenEast Germany1Football
359BAUMGARTL FrankEast Germany1Athletics
360EHRHARDT AnnelieEast Germany1Athletics
361JÄGER BerndEast Germany1Gymnastics
362WEBER PeterEast Germany1Gymnastics
363WIEGERT IngolfEast Germany1Handball
364FÖRSTER KerstinEast Germany1Rowing
365PETER WernerEast Germany1Football
366KÄSLING DagmarEast Germany1Athletics
367CZEKALLA BarbaraEast Germany1Volleyball
368BUROSCH HanneloreEast Germany1Handball
369HEINKE HaraldEast Germany1Judo
370SCHUMANN RalfEast Germany1Shooting
371ULLRICH ArturEast Germany1Football
372WARTENBERG FrankEast Germany1Athletics
373WUJAK BrigitteEast Germany1Athletics
374LUDING ChristaEast Germany1Cycling
375LÖWE WolfgangEast Germany1Volleyball
376SEGUIN WolfgangEast Germany1Football
377HESS SabineEast Germany1Rowing
378BÜCHNER RalfEast Germany1Gymnastics
379KUNZE HansjörgEast Germany1Athletics
380TSCHARKE RainerEast Germany1Volleyball
381PAEKE JürgenEast Germany1Gymnastics
382SCHIEFERDECKER BettinaEast Germany1Gymnastics
383BEHMER AnkeEast Germany1Athletics
384REICHE RüdigerEast Germany1Rowing
385KLUGE AnjaEast Germany1Rowing
386KASCHUBE IlseEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
387DANIELOWSKI Karl-HeinzEast Germany1Rowing
388ZÜLOW AndreasEast Germany1Boxing
389MEDEROW HeinrichEast Germany1Rowing
390KLAAR NorbertEast Germany1Shooting
391FÖRSTER OlafEast Germany1Rowing
392AHRENHOLZ BrigitteEast Germany1Rowing
393BLUHM KayEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
394MARTENS EckhardEast Germany1Rowing
395GUTHKE KarinEast Germany1Aquatics
396DUCKE PeterEast Germany1Football
397DREHMEL JörgEast Germany1Athletics
398SCHULTZ AnnetteEast Germany1Volleyball
399SEMETZKY DieterEast Germany1Rowing
400HÖING BerndEast Germany1Rowing
401BEYER Hans-GeorgEast Germany1Handball
402THIELE JürgenEast Germany1Rowing
403ROST PeterEast Germany1Handball
404DÖRNER Hans-JürgenEast Germany1Football
405GREGOR Horst-GüntherEast Germany1Aquatics
406NIESECKE BerndEast Germany1Rowing
407HARTNICK Hans-JoachimEast Germany1Cycling
408KOTHER-GABRIEL RosemarieEast Germany1Aquatics
409KUHL PatrickEast Germany1Aquatics
410SEHMISCH ElkeEast Germany1Aquatics
411PLOCH JuttaEast Germany1Rowing
412RIEDEL DieterEast Germany1Football
413LANGE MaritaEast Germany1Athletics
414KIRCHHOFF DetlefEast Germany1Rowing
415BAUM FrankEast Germany1Football
416BOROWSKI JörnEast Germany1Sailing
417BAUERSCHMIDT MarittaEast Germany1Gymnastics
418HEINECKE BirgitEast Germany1Handball
419MUNDT KristinaEast Germany1Rowing
420RUDWALEIT BodoEast Germany1Football
421MALETZKI DorisEast Germany1Athletics
422FREIMUTH JörgEast Germany1Athletics
423KÜHNE RitaEast Germany1Athletics
424FETZER BrigitteEast Germany1Volleyball
425ULTSCH DetlefEast Germany1Judo
426WEGNER AxelEast Germany1Shooting
427VOIGT AngelaEast Germany1Athletics
428DROESE-PUFE MargittaEast Germany1Athletics
429PROEBER MartinaEast Germany1Aquatics
430GANZERA FrankEast Germany1Football
431BLOCHWITZ SteffenEast Germany1Cycling
432MAIBOHM WolfgangEast Germany1Volleyball
433SPARWASSER JürgenEast Germany1Football
434KURTH AndreaEast Germany1Rowing
435HOFFMANN UlfEast Germany1Gymnastics
436WODARS SigrunEast Germany1Athletics
437WEBNER WolfgangEast Germany1Volleyball
438HÜLSENBECK SarinaEast Germany1Aquatics
439RYCHLY ReinhardEast Germany1Gymnastics
440THÜMMLER DörteEast Germany1Gymnastics
441JOHN SabineEast Germany1Athletics
442WOLFGRAMM MichaelEast Germany1Rowing
443NEUNAST DanielaEast Germany1Rowing
444EIBEN ReinhardEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
445MASKE HenryEast Germany1Boxing
446SCHMORDE ManfredEast Germany1Rowing
447GREINER ThomasEast Germany1Rowing
448OTTO WernerEast Germany1Cycling
449EBERT HenriettaEast Germany1Rowing
450PORTWICH RamonaEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
451ZANDER DietrichEast Germany1Rowing
452TIEPOLD PeterEast Germany1Boxing
453WESTENDORF AnkeEast Germany1Volleyball
454VOSS ChristinaEast Germany1Handball
455KONS UlrichEast Germany1Rowing
456DOERING LotharEast Germany1Handball
457MADEJA UweEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
458GREGOR AndreasEast Germany1Rowing
459SCHMIDT DietmarEast Germany1Handball
460GRAPENTHIN Hans-UlrichEast Germany1Football
461HENNINGER EgonEast Germany1Aquatics
462REIHER HendrikEast Germany1Rowing
463FLÖCKNER HartmutEast Germany1Aquatics
464REINHARD SybilleEast Germany1Rowing
465RIEDIGER Hans-JürgenEast Germany1Football
466WOLKE ManfredEast Germany1Boxing
467RENSCH ReneEast Germany1Rowing
468HOUSE LotharEast Germany1Football
469SWENSSON EgbertEast Germany1Sailing
470KRÜGER KatrinEast Germany1Handball
471SCHRAMM BeateEast Germany1Rowing
472SCHNUPHASE RudigerEast Germany1Football
473ROHDE BrigitteEast Germany1Athletics
474WESSIG GerdEast Germany1Athletics
475SEIDLER HelgaEast Germany1Athletics
476HEIM AndreaEast Germany1Volleyball
477WELLER RonnyEast Germany1Weightlifting
478BRONST AndreasEast Germany1Gymnastics
479SCHOKNECHT-SLUPIANEK IlonaEast Germany1Athletics
480GUNKEL WolfgangEast Germany1Rowing
481RIEDEL PetraEast Germany1Aquatics
482HENNIG RolandEast Germany1Cycling
483FIEDLER EllenEast Germany1Athletics
484MAUNE JurgenEast Germany1Volleyball
485STREICH JoachimEast Germany1Football
486WACHTEL ChristineEast Germany1Athletics
487WEISE WolfgangEast Germany1Volleyball
488GRABS DetlevEast Germany1Aquatics
489THÜNE WolfgangEast Germany1Gymnastics
490BORCHMANN AnkeEast Germany1Rowing
491STÖHR HenryEast Germany1Judo
492KOCH BeateEast Germany1Athletics
493BÖHMER JoachimEast Germany1Rowing
494SCHRÖR BeatrixEast Germany1Rowing
495AMEND Rolf-DieterEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
496SCHMIDT JorgEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
497SCHNEIDER ManfredEast Germany1Rowing
498POTTECK UweEast Germany1Shooting
499SCHRÖDER RolandEast Germany1Rowing
500GORETZKI ViolaEast Germany1Rowing
501SINGER HeikeEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
502FANGHÄNEL JürgenEast Germany1Boxing
503HEUSER JürgenEast Germany1Weightlifting
504KOPPE Hans-PeterEast Germany1Rowing
505DREIBRODT GunterEast Germany1Handball
506LINDNER HelgaEast Germany1Aquatics
507FRÖHLICH SilviaEast Germany1Rowing
508SCHMIDT WielandEast Germany1Handball
509GRÖBNER WilfriedEast Germany1Football
510WIEGAND FrankEast Germany1Aquatics
511SCHMELING KarstenEast Germany1Rowing
512THOMS LotharEast Germany1Cycling
513MÖHRING AnkeEast Germany1Aquatics
514KATZUR KlausEast Germany1Aquatics
515BUNK KarstenEast Germany1Rowing
516SCHADE HartmutEast Germany1Football
517BEIER GünterEast Germany1Gymnastics
518STREIT MarioEast Germany1Rowing
519JAKUBOWSKI BerndEast Germany1Football
520KOKOT ManfredEast Germany1Athletics
521MÜLLER RomyEast Germany1Athletics
522HARTSTEIN BerndEast Germany1Shooting
523ESCHER GittaEast Germany1Gymnastics
524NOACK MarianneEast Germany1Gymnastics
525KUNISCH KorneliaEast Germany1Handball
526SORGERS JanaEast Germany1Rowing
527STEINBACH WolfgangEast Germany1Football
528ZINN ElfiEast Germany1Athletics
529KIRST JuttaEast Germany1Athletics
530SACHSE JochenEast Germany1Athletics
531KOSTRZEWA UteEast Germany1Volleyball
532MICHAELIS LianeEast Germany1Handball
533KRÖPPELIEN KlausEast Germany1Rowing
534STEINHOEFEL IngoEast Germany1Weightlifting
535HEMMANN Ralf-PeterEast Germany1Gymnastics
536SIEGL SiegrunEast Germany1Athletics
537NEUBERT Klaus-DieterEast Germany1Rowing
538IRMSCHER HaraldEast Germany1Football
539MEIER DirkEast Germany1Cycling
540BEHRENDT KerstinEast Germany1Athletics
541PETER HorstEast Germany1Volleyball
542VOGEL EberhardEast Germany1Football
543WECKER AndreasEast Germany1Gymnastics
544SCHENK ChristianEast Germany1Athletics
545PFÜTZE FrankEast Germany1Aquatics
546ABEL IreneEast Germany1Gymnastics
547LOLL SvenEast Germany1Judo
548FELKE-MEIER PetraEast Germany1Athletics
549SCHEIBLICH ChristineEast Germany1Rowing
550STANGE UtaEast Germany1Rowing
551HOFMANN WalterEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
552KLATT WernerEast Germany1Rowing
553SPELLY IngoEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
554SCHREIBER HartmutEast Germany1Rowing
555LOSCH HelmutEast Germany1Weightlifting
556RICHTER HeinzEast Germany1Cycling
557KALLIES MonikaEast Germany1Rowing
558AMPLER UweEast Germany1Cycling
559LODZIEWSKI SvenEast Germany1Aquatics
560FINK RudiEast Germany1Boxing
561BERTOW JürgenEast Germany1Rowing
562KRAUSS BerndEast Germany1Rowing
563GERLACH ErnstEast Germany1Handball
564KÖSTER BärbelEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
565STEINBACH SabineEast Germany1Aquatics
566BISCHOF MartinaEast Germany1Canoe / Kayak
567BALTRUSCH FrankEast Germany1Aquatics
568WEGNER GudrunEast Germany1Aquatics
569KAPHEIM RamonaEast Germany1Rowing
570VOIGT SiegfriedEast Germany1Handball
571HEIDLER GerdEast Germany1Football
572HÖHNE ChristophEast Germany1Athletics
573DOBERSCHÜTZ GerlindeEast Germany1Rowing
574HEMPEL ClaudiaEast Germany1Aquatics
575MUNKELT ThomasEast Germany1Athletics
576HERBST ChristineEast Germany1Aquatics
577DUNDR FrankEast Germany1Rowing
578WEBER GerdEast Germany1Football
579BOGS SteffenEast Germany1Rowing
580KUHN DieterEast Germany1Football
581KURRAT Klaus-DieterEast Germany1Athletics
582KNEBEL AndreasEast Germany1Athletics
583HEILFORT HellfriedEast Germany1Shooting
584GERSCHAU KerstinEast Germany1Gymnastics
585SCHMIDT MagdalenaEast Germany1Gymnastics
586RÖTHER SabineEast Germany1Handball
587LANGE ThomasEast Germany1Rowing
588TERLETZKI FrankEast Germany1Football
589SCHMIDT WolfgangEast Germany1Athletics
590HANISCH WolfgangEast Germany1Athletics
591JUNGE StefanEast Germany1Athletics
592LEHMANN HeikeEast Germany1Volleyball
593PASKUY EvaEast Germany1Handball
594LINSE CorneliaEast Germany1Rowing
595SCHRÖDER AndreasEast Germany1Wrestling
596HOFFMANN LutzEast Germany1Gymnastics
597BODNER-LASER ChristineEast Germany1Athletics

Multiple medalists
 1)   MATTHES Roland  8 
 2)   ENDER Kornelia  8 
 3)   JANZ Karin  7 
 4)   STECHER Renate  6 
 5)   POLLACK Andrea  6 
 6)   HELM Rüdiger  6 
 7)   OTTO Kristin  6 
 8)   BRÜCKNER Roland  5 
 9)   ZUCHOLD Erika  5 
 10)   DIERS Ines  5 
 11)   NIKOLAY Michael  4 
 12)   KRÄKER Steffi  4 
 13)   METSCHUCK Caren  4 
 14)   HEUKRODT Olaf  4 
 15)   FISCHER Birgit  4 
 16)   GNAUCK Maxi  4 
 17)   ECKERT-WÖCKEL Bärbel  4 
 18)   BREHMER-LATHAN Christina  4 
 19)   OELSNER-GÖHR Marlies  4 
 20)   OLBRICHT Bernd  4 
 21)   BEHRENDT Holger  3 
 22)   TIPPELT Sven  3 
 23)   DASSLER Uwe  3 
 24)   HUNGER Daniela  3 
 25)   MEISSNER Katrin  3 
 26)   DRECHSLER Heike  3 
 27)   KRAUSE Roswitha  3 
 28)   KÖSTE Klaus  3 
 29)   VOLLMAR Harald  3 
 30)   REINISCH Rica  3 
 31)   KRAUSE Barbara  3 
 32)   HOFFMEISTER Gunhild  3 
 33)   AUERSWALD-LANGE Ingrid  3 
 34)   BRIETZKE Siegfried  3 
 35)   LANDVOIGT Bernd  3 
 36)   LANDVOIGT Jörg  3 
 37)   RICHTER Ulrike  3 
 38)   TREIBER Birgit  3 
 39)   HÖRNER Silke  3 
 40)   WEIGANG Birte  3 
 41)   WOHLLEBE Andre  2 
 42)   STAHLE Andreas  2 
 43)   NOTHNAGEL-VON SECK Anke  2 
 44)   KROLL Sylvio  2 
 45)   KERSTEN Dagmar  2 
 46)   STELLMACH Manuela  2 
 47)   MACK Lutz  2 
 48)   FRIEDRICH Heike  2 
 49)   DOMBECK Carola  2 
 50)   FLEMMING Thomas  2 
 51)   ZESNER Steffen  2 
 52)   KRETZSCHMAR Waltraud  2 
 53)   MATZ Evelyn  2 
 54)   RICHTER-HOCHMUT Kristina  2 
 55)   ROST Christina  2 
 56)   WEIGEL Ronald  2 
 57)   TIETZ Marion  2 
 58)   MÜLLER Petra  2 
 59)   UHLIG Petra  2 
 60)   ZOBER Hannelore  2 
 61)   DÖHN Gottfried  2 
 62)   KARNATZ Ulrich  2 
 63)   WENDISCH Dieter  2 
 64)   KNETSCH-KÖPKE Christiane  2 
 65)   RICHTER Ilona  2 
 66)   WILKE Marina  2 
 67)   WETZKO Gabriele  2 
 68)   DECKER Andreas  2 
 69)   SEMMLER Stefan  2 
 70)   DIESSNER Ullrich  2 
 71)   DIESSNER Walter  2 
 72)   NORDWIG Wolfgang  2 
 73)   HELMBOLD-GUMMEL Margitta  2 
 74)   LOHS-KUHN Gabriele  2 
 75)   METZE Karin  2 
 76)   BREHME Matthias  2 
 77)   NOACK Angelika  2 
 78)   JÄHRLING Harald  2 
 79)   SPOHR Georg  2 
 80)   ULRICH Friedrich-Wilhelm  2 
 81)   LAU Jutta  2 
 82)   WEIGELT-BUHR Liane  2 
 83)   ZOBELT Roswietha  2 
 84)   LUCKE Jörg  2 
 85)   FORBERGER Frank  2 
 86)   DREIFKE Joachim  2 
 87)   GRAHN Dieter  2 
 88)   RÜHLE Frank  2 
 89)   SCHUBERT Dieter  2 
 90)   SCHÜMANN Jochen  2 
 91)   WIEFEL Jürgen  2 
 92)   BOROWSKI Paul  2 
 93)   THUN Karl-Heinz  2 
 94)   WEICHERT Konrad  2 
 95)   JANICKE Marina  2 
 96)   BEIER Roswitha  2 
 97)   GEWENIGER Ute  2 
 98)   PYTTEL Roger  2 
 99)   UNGER Lutz  2 
 100)   WOITHE Jörg  2 
 101)   SCHMIDT Carmela  2 
 102)   SCHNEIDER Petra  2 
 103)   REIMANN Hans  2 
 104)   FRENKEL Peter  2 
 105)   ZEHRT Monika  2 
 106)   SCHAFFER Frank  2 
 107)   KOCH Marita  2 
 108)   BECK Volker  2 
 109)   FUCHS Ruth  2 
 110)   POLLAK Burglinde  2 
 111)   GAUDER Hartwig  2 
 112)   GESCHKE Hans-Jürgen  2 
 113)   HUSCHKE Thomas  2 
 114)   UNTERWALDER Uwe  2 
 115)   BRANSCH Bernd  2 
 116)   CROY Jürgen  2 
 117)   HÄFNER Reinhard  2 
 118)   KURBJUWEIT Lothar  2 
 119)   LUDWIG Olaf  2 
 120)   HESSLICH Lutz  2 
 121)   WEISE Konrad  2 
 122)   KLOTZ Wolfgang  2 
 123)   HELLMANN Angelika  2 
 124)   MAGER Wolfgang  2 
 125)   SCHMIED Hans-Ulrich  2 
 126)   LUDWIG Klaus-Dieter  2 
 127)   GÜLDENPFENNIG Wolfgang  2 
 128)   BONK Gerd  2 
 129)   WEHLING Heinz-Helmut  2 
 130)   LORENZ Dietmar  2 
 131)   ANKE Hannelore  2 
 132)   PRIEMER Petra  2 
 133)   TAUBER Ulrike  2 
 134)   THÜMER Petra  2 
 135)   SCHALLER-KLIER Johanna  2 
 136)   STROPAHL-STREIDT Ellen  2 
 137)   SCHLAAK-JAHL Evelin  2 
 138)   SCHRÖTER Martina  2 
 139)   CIERPINSKI Waldemar  2 
 140)   BEYER Udo  2 
 141)   NOWAKOWSKI Richard  2 
 142)   ZIRZOW Carola  2 
 143)   MATTERN Joachim  2 
 144)   DUVIGNEAU Bernd  2 
 145)   KUNZ Joachim  2 
 146)   SIRCH Cornelia  2 

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